The computer tablet designed specifically for seniors to reconnect with life's memories.

Live Better With ReminX
Reminiscence Therapy uses familiar pictures, videos, music, and voices to help seniors with loneliness or memory loss live better lives. Using the scientific principles behind Reminiscence Therapy, ReminX lets your family share precious memories with your loved one, letting him or her feel more connected and cared for.

  • Easy to stay connected
    Effortlessly upload photos, videos, and voice recordings for your loved one.
  • Collaborate
    Friends and family members can all contribute to the care of your loved one by sharing memories and recent family events.
  • We do the work
    You text us or upload content using our mobile app. We send the content directly to your loved one’s ReminX tablet.
  • Auto play
    There is no interface to learn. Your loved one simply picks up the tablet and stories start playing automatically.

What Our Customers Say

"When we gave my grandmother this tablet, she can’t stop talking about how she feels so included in our lives. The last time we went to see her she said 'I can’t believe you guys saw all those animals at the zoo'. She started talking about the great pictures and quality. I really feel like it brightens her day just being a part of our lives."  

Jenny P.

"My father was very excited when we started the program. He loved seeing family members especially the grandchildren and great grandchildren. After he got surgery, It helped him feel more comfortable knowing that he can better recognize names and faces of loved ones."

Beth S.

"It's a good way to keep in contact with my mom because she lives far from me, and she is able to keep in touch with other family members that live out of town."

-Sue D.
Clinical Pilot Study

A clinical pilot study was performed with the University of California, San Diego, for the in-home use of ReminX for individuals with mild to moderate dementia. Results indicated that patients reported significantly less anxiety, depression, and overall emotional distress after having viewed their customized stories. Furthermore, patient’s caregivers also reported that the patient appeared less emotionally distressed. In addition, the accessibility and ease of use of ReminX suggested that this technology holds great promise for bringing important aspects of Reminiscence Therapy to patients with dementia who are suffering from various mood symptoms.