The Market

  • Total estimated worldwide cost of dementia in 2018 will be $818 billion.
  • The National Center for Health Statistics estimates expenditures for “long-term care services” between $210 and $306 billion, which includes a variety of settings: home health agencies, adult day services centers, residential settings from assisted living communities, or in institutions from nursing homes.
  • Investors AEW Capital Management and Newcastle Investment Corp. value the senior housing market at more than $300 billion.
  • Senior housing defined is “…a mix of real estate, hospitality, and care,” with high-quality housing and nursing care facilities presenting alternatives for the senior population, from choice-based options (independent living) in early retirement to needs-based (assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing) as care requirements increase.
  • Nursing care, defined as skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and hospice centers, is estimated at more than $128 billion.
  • A massive demographic shift or “silver tsunami” is underway in the United States which will see the older population double to 70 million people by 2030—up from 40 million in 2010—when more than twenty percent of the U.S. population will be over the age of 65.

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